Analysis of Birth Order Character Traits Essay

Analysis of Birth Order Character Traits Essay

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I am the first born of three children and I always try to achieve my best, so pretty much I am just being an amazing stud. Well, a few days ago, I heard that birth order can affects personality. Well, I found that very interesting. I was curious whether all first-born kids were as much of a stud as I am. According to them first born kids are the achieving studs just like me. There also some other traits that fit me pretty well and some that I am diffidently not. Plus, I found some interesting thing about what they say about my second born brother and my third born sister. Here are the things I found out.
According to Gail Gross, the first born it typically the one in the family who is a high achiever, I would say that is me in a nutshell. I am always trying to one up standard. If in school we are supposed to make a volcano, mine is the one that is three foot tall and can spray lava with Mentos and create lava flows with baking soda and vinegar. I always want to be the best. The one when his project is seen get comments like “wow, that’s awesome!”
It also said that the first-born could be bossy and aggressive. I would completely agree with that. I am the one who can be easily aggressive. Bossy also sounds like me. When I think something over I have it planned out so it runs smoothly, but people always want it done their way. I would rather just instruct what to do and have it be done! It seems like if people would just use some common sense I wouldn’t be this way.
I also read in “ Birth Order Character Traits” by Teresa that as a first-born I am a “know it all”. Well, I would say this is true but not in the way most might think. When I think of a know-it-all I think of a person who believes they are never wrong walking arou...

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