Analysis Of Bill Clinton 's ' World Wide Web ' Essay

Analysis Of Bill Clinton 's ' World Wide Web ' Essay

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Since the early 1990’s, when Tim Berners created the “World Wide Web”, the Internet has developed into important part of life and a tool in political campaigns. And with the rise of social media more interaction is possible with voters. Some of the tasks that Internet has brought are fundraising, interacting with voters, organizing and mobilizing supporters, and gathering data. Since 1992 each presidential campaign has used the Internet as a part of their campaign strategies.
In 1992, Bill Clinton’s campaign first used the Internet to talk to the voters. But the Internet didn’t play a major role in this election. Clinton’s campaign created a website that had the candidate’s biographies, their views or positions on the issues, and copy of speeches that the candidate had given during the campaign. Although his website was a first for presidential candidates, the website wasn’t very engaging. At this time web browsers didn’t exist yet and websites were only in text form. Therefore Clintons campaign strategies to interact with voters was mostly through television, mail, telephone, and etc.
The Internet started being used for political campaigning in the 1996 election. Because more people than previous years started embracing and using the Internet. Around 73% of Americans at the time reported they had used the Internet, and were using the Internet to get news. In 1996 a few candidates created websites to provide campaign information. According to Hendricks and Kaid “A lack of interactivity was evidenced by candidates’ websites only linking to pages within their own site instead of providing hyperlinks to external resources.” Bob Dole, the Republican candidate in 1996, brought the Internet some attention when he mentioned his ca...

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...rnet to get campaign news, share views, and mobilize voters.
In 2012, fundraising online was a success and better than previous years. President Obama in his reelection campaign raised most of its money from small donations doing better than 2008.Around 4 million individuals gave to Obama’s re-election bid. Obama raised a total of $690 million online at the end of 2012. Social networking sites were used to reach out to young voters once again to get out and vote. 45% turnout to vote in 2012 not as much compared to 2008. Also according to Pew research 36% of Americans got their campaign news from the Internet.
The use of the Internet has allowed candidates to get out their messages to the public in real time instead of having to always go through traditional media outlets. This has allowed candidates to engage with the public without being distorted by the press.

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