Analysis Of Bhanu Prakash 's Patient Satisfaction Essay

Analysis Of Bhanu Prakash 's Patient Satisfaction Essay

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In a 2010 Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery publication, Bhanu Prakash defined patient satisfaction as a “proxy but a very effective indicator to measure the success of doctors and hospitals” (Prakash, 2010). Patient satisfaction is an important tool commonly used by healthcare organizations to measure the quality of care delivered in their facility. On the hand hand Hostutler, Taft & Snyder described patient satisfaction as “occurring when services are rendered in terms of customer expectations, needs, and perceptions” (Hostutler et al, 1999). Trout, Magnusson & Hedges in support of defining patient satisfaction based on patient expectation opined that patient satisfaction is when “patient’s own expectations for treatment and care are met or exceeded” (Trout et. al, 2000).
Patient satisfaction is important to any sector of the healthcare industry especially the emergency room (ER). For some patients ER visit is often the first and only impression they have of a healthcare institution and can greatly shape their post visit impressions and future actions (Baker, Hayes, & Fortier, 1998). A happy and satisfied patient will leave the facility with a positive perception and is less likely to complain or file suits against the hospital and as Prakash rightly noted “patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims” (Prakash, 2010).
There are many major elements of the ER experience that correlate with patient satisfaction. A review of selected literatures for this analysis revealed several themes in relations to patient satisfaction. For the purpose of this study only five of the identified themes will be examined. In the course of this research long wait time is the most common...

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...ncleanliness” (Lee et. al, 2010).
The result of this analysis revealed that patient expectations influence their satisfaction. It is therefore important for ER management to identify their patient expectations and priorities up front in order to receive a consistent positive patient satisfaction. While this is necessary it is however important not to overlook providing effective and evidence based care for their patient. Citing a study conducted by Joshua Fenton of the University of California at Davis, Robbins noted that doctors who are focused on “patient satisfaction scores may be less inclined to talk patients out of treatments they request or to raise concerns about smoking, substance abuse, or mental-health issues. By attempting to satisfy patients, healthcare providers unintentionally might not be looking out for their best interests” (Robbins, 2015).

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