Essay on Analysis Of Beowulf 's ' The Epic Of Beowulf '

Essay on Analysis Of Beowulf 's ' The Epic Of Beowulf '

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Beowulf’s Motives

An Analysis of Beowulf 's Intentions

The epic entitled “Beowulf” introduces its main character, Beowulf as a strong and mighty warrior who has proved his superhuman strength and endurance. As quoted in Beowulf 's introduction, “In his far off home Beowulf, Higlac 's follower and the strongest of the Geats- greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world-” (109-111) His power and strength is known by many and he continues to prove his might with every victory he achieves in the duration of this epic story. Although, many question why Beowulf fights the monsters voluntarily, seen as he is not obligated to do so. After analyzing this epic, one can come to the conclusion that Beowulf 's motivations for fighting the three monsters in “Beowulf” because he believes it is his duty, he wants to be seen as a hero, and he wants to help his people.

One of Beowulf 's motivations to fight the monsters in the epic “Beowulf” is because he sees it as his duty, or responsibility, to do so. As aforementioned, Beowulf is the strongest man on the earth and everyone knows it. Therefore, it is a fair question to ask that if a person has incredible talents that hold to ability to help others, is it their responsibility to act out on their talents? Obviously, Beowulf felt as if it was his duty to use his talents and skills for good and to save Hrothgar and kill Grendel who had taken over Herot. Beowulf knew that he was able to defeat the monster, even though it wasn’t his kingdom or city even. He had to travel to get there, however he still felt as if it was his responsibility to help since he was the only one in the world who could. Along with the fact that Beowulf felt like it was his duty, he knew it would affect ...

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... killed from them and he helped them even though they weren’t even his people. Evidently, Beowulf wasn’t just about himself, he cared about others and his people which is why he went on to fight the three monsters even though his life was being put in danger.
Beowulf could have handled these situations in many various ways, but his intentions and motives were pure and he used his talents and skills for good. It would have been very easy for Beowulf to abuse his powers since he was the strongest person in the world and no one would have been able to stop him from abusing his abilities. However, instead of using it that way he used his talents to help others and to build up his reputation. He risked his life and went out of his way to fight the three monsters because he knew it was his duty, he would be considered a hero, and because he wanted to help his people.

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