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The book of Beowulf starts showing King Hrothgar as a king of Denmark who builds a mead-wall named Heorot. The mead-wall noise angers Grendel, a horrible monster who lives in a swamp with his mysterious mother. Grendel visits Danes every night and kills people every time he comes. The Danes for many years’ experience suffer, danger, death from Grendel monster. A Geatish warrior called Beowulf comes to help them after many years of suffer. Beowulf sails to Denmark with a small ship of fourteen bravest and best of Geats. Hrothgar accepts Beowulf offer to fight Grendel and hosts a feast in the hero’s honor. Unferth accuses Beowulf for not defeating the Breca. He tells them some of his past accomplishments and convinces the crowd. Beowulf gets ready to defeat Grendel. Beowulf fights Grendel unarmed. As Grendel fights with Beowulf he tries to escape but Beowulf tears Grendel arm off. Mortally wounded, he goes back to his swamp and dies. Beowulf uses the arm of the monster to show people of his victory against the monster. The present king of Denmark gives gifts and treasures to Beowulf.
People started singing songs for Beowulf and they celebrated all day long. Beowulf wounded Grendel but his mother was still alive. Upset from his son’s death, she comes to the mead-wall and kills almost everyone. She kills Aeschere, one of Hrothgar’s most trusted adviser. To avenge the Aeschere’s death, Beowulf goes to the swamp where the monster woman lives and fights with her. Beowulf prepares himself for battle; he uses a sword by Unferth, a warrior who doubted him and wishes to make amends. Grendel mother is unable to harm Beowulf through his armor and drags him to the bottom of the lake. Beowulf takes Grendel’s corpse and brings the head a...

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...r face is hot with ale, and your tongue has tried to tell us about Brecca’s doings. But the truth is simple: no man swims in the sea as I can, no strength is a match for mine. “(p25) 530. The poem of Beowulf has contributed to oral tradition over many generations before being written down.
Beowulf has religious motifs on his character too. One example of this is in Canto 6 line 381 where Hrothgar states, “Our Holy Father had sent [Beowulf] as a sign of His grace, a mark of His favor, to help us defeat Grendel and end that terror." This description shows Beowulf as sort of messiah sent by god to save men from evil. But we know that he is not messiah but the poet tries to show the good in Beowulf’s heart and the porpose of his mission.

Comparing Beowulf with other heros like Oedipus, I think in this poem is very little choice or free will at all.

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