Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's ' The Rise Of The Rest ' Essay

Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's ' The Rise Of The Rest ' Essay

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Barbara Ehrenreich gives us her point of view on outsourcing and globalization in America and how sour she, and the rest of the population are sick of losing their jobs. But on another point of view, Fareed Zakaria contradicts her and shows us the global view, and talks about the shifting of power away from the U.S. Ehrenreich 's bad attitude towards outsourcing help us understand Zakaria’s thesis that we are living through a power shift called “The Rise of the Rest” by highlighting the hypocrisy of America in Ehrenreich 's writing. Erenrich only presents how the United States feels about outsourcing, which is that it is an awful thing for our economy. However, on the other side of the spectrum, Zakaria gives presents the global view on outsourcing and how it is good for the rest of the world.
The main idea in Ehrenreich 's entire writing is that outsourcing is a bad thing. She says that it is a bad thing because America is throwing all of our jobs out to other countries, instead of keeping them here. She says “The next question is how to make the Chinese truly creative, truly innovative. Whoops - weren’t we supposed to be the innovators”(609). However, Zakaria brings up the fact that initially, we were the innovators. The United States was the one that thought to globalize and expand out into other countries and help boost their economies. That plan worked a lot better than they had planned. Zakaria says in his writing that “Over the past few decades countries all over the world have been experiencing rates of economic growth that were once unthinkable….124 countries have grown at a rate of four percent or more”(612). This economic growth was due to the U.S. globalizing and helping these countries better their economy. It isn’...

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...rty. Globalizing other countries brings them can bring them out of poverty or debt or ruins. And it has! That is why we are living through “The Rise of the Rest.”
The future of outsourcing and globalization is kind of up in the air. It can either get better or get worse with the rest of time, but seeing as the current power shift is the rise of everyone else, it is doubtful that it will get better for America unless the U.S. takes their companies out. Ehrenreich presents her ideas about outsourcing and globalization, which in turn helps the reader understand Zakaria’s ideas about the third power shift called “The Rise of the Rest” by highlighting America’s hypocrisy towards it. By giving us only the United States standpoint on outsourcing, Ehrenreich gives us further understanding of Zakaria as he presents the world view and how truly good it is for other countries.

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