Essay on Analysis Of Avante Garde And Its Effect On The Consumer 's Mind

Essay on Analysis Of Avante Garde And Its Effect On The Consumer 's Mind

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Americans today are living in “the most marketed-to culture in the history of the world” (Ramsey). In light of that fact, people need to become more aware of the techniques of advertising so they can be careful to not get sucked into buying things they really do not want or need. A simple understanding of these concepts can help keep a person from regretting their purchases.
There are many techniques used to make advertising effective; companies want their products to stay on the consumer’s mind. According to Foothilltech, avante garde is one of the many techniques of advertising. This technique encourages the consumer to be the first with a certain product –a trendsetter. Most people want to be the one that others follow and hold in high esteem, making this technique highly effective. Humor is another advertising technique, using the product to entertain the audience. A person will better remember a product if it has a hilarious association that is stuck in their head. Companies will also use card-stacking to promote their product. This technique will highlight and accentuate the good qualities of a product, omitting the negative qualities that make the product unappealing. This technique is effective in that it suggests the idea of a “perfect” product; it is hard for consumers to say no to that. Companies commonly use testimonials to promote their product, using famous people or celebrities to vouch for it (Advertising Techniques). Again, this is effective in that most people hold celebrities in high esteem, considering them the prettiest, fittest, smartest, etc. The consumers want to be like these celebrities, and if a product made one celebrity look the way they do, they think it is worth a try. These are just so...

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The amount that a company will pay for an advertisement will vary depending on many factors, such as the medium or length. According to Dave Ramsey, in 2013, the average 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl cost about four million dollars. That may seem like a ridiculous amount, but companies know how much competition they have for a person’s money; they have to go all out in order to be the one to get it (Ramsey).
Consumers, especially in today’s world, need to be aware of all the marketing and advertising they are exposed to. Companies are relentless in their pursuit of the consumer’s money, thus requiring the consumer to be that much more ready to identify what would be a good or bad spending decision. There are many different techniques and mediums used, and if the consumer is caught unaware, they can end up in serious financial problems.

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