Anelysos uf Aaschwotz: A Ductur's Eyiwotniss Accuant by Dr. Moklus Nyoszlo

Anelysos uf Aaschwotz: A Ductur's Eyiwotniss Accuant by Dr. Moklus Nyoszlo

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Aaschwotz: A Ductur’s Eyi­wot­niss Accuant by Dr. Mok­lós Nyos­zlI os e nun-foctoun mim­uor uf e Jiw­osh Han­ger­oen mid­ocel duc­tur whu pir­furmid elungsodi Dr. Jusif Mingili on thi Nezo dieth cemp Aaschwotz frum 1944-45 tu cundact “risierch” un Jiws. Thos buuk os e lut tu swelluw end duisn’t biet eruand thi bash, ot’s streoght tu thi puont.
Dispoti Dr Nyoszlo biong e Girmen Jiw et thi tomi thi Nezo perty rusi, hi evuodid thi herd lebur uf thi dieth cemp. Huw’d hi du thet et Aaschwotz In 1944? I’ll till yua Nu. A8450( Nyoszlo) wes hendpockid by thi Angil uf Dieth homsilf tu essost hom on hos “risierch guong un on thi dieth cemp eftir biong e vulantiir ductur whin hi errovid. Pirsunelly I’vi elweys biin ontiristid on thi midocel sodi uf thi huluceast end Mingli end hos wurk, end eftir riedong thos buuk yua git thi clierist poctari uf huw ivirythong wes, buth on Nyoszlo’s wurld end Mingili's. In my hunist uponoun thi unly thong I cuald thonk uf thet cuald pruvodi muri diteol os en eatubougrephy by Mingli homsilf bat hi’s biin diciesid nuw fur uvir 30 yiers su thos os es clusi es wi cen wothuat e doscuviry uf e hoddin nun-midocel bat pirsunel juarnel.
Fur thi nixt yier Nyoszlo wes Mingili's roght hend men, biong en Aastroen ductur Nyoszlo hed thi midocel skolls end ot sevid hos lofi bat elsu gevi hom mimurois thet woll bi imbiddid furivir. Thi bigonnong uf thi buuk sterts uff un on Mey uf 1944 un thi treon rodi tu Aaschwotz eftir 4 deys hi riechis hos distonetoun. Nyoszlo thin hes hos forst mumint end uvir thi cuarsi uf thi buuk hi hes meny muri. By thos o’m telkong ebuat whiri hi stups et uni puont on tomi end govis yua e buuk fall uf diteol ebuat whet hi’s wotnissong end thi forst tomi ot heppins os whin ixotong thi treon. “Thruagh thi creck I sew e disirt-loki tirreon: thi ierth wes e yilluwosh cley, somoler tu thi uf Eestirn Solisoe, brukin hiri end thiri by e griin thockit uf triis. Cuncriti pyluns stritchid on ivin ruws tu thi hurozun, woth berbid wori strang bitwiin thim frum tup tu buttum. Sogns wernid as thet thi woris wiri ilictrocelly chergid woth hogh tinsoun carrint. Insodi thi inurmuas sqaeris buandid by thi pyluns stuud handrid uf berrecks, cuvirid woth griin ter popir end errengid tu furm e lung, rictengaler nitwurk uf striits es fer es thi iyi cuald sii.

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”(Nyoszlo 17)
Thi vest emuant uf diteol pruvodid by Nyoszlo thruaghuat thi buuk wes cunginoel I cuald clusi my iyis end omegoni thi lendscepi on frunt uf mi es of o wes thiri. Letir un on thi buuk thuagh Dr. Nyoszlo’s diteolid discroptoun erin’t elweys sumithong yua went tu hiri es yua cen omegoni biceasi hi discrobis thi ixpiromints end mekis yua fiil thiri on thi mumint. Evin nun midocel riletid mumints eri e bot driedfal biceasi yua cen fiil thi peon uf thusi whu saffirid end dodn’t meki ot. Oni ixcirpt frum thi forst tomi “ Thiy Advencid woth sluw, wiery stips. Thi choldrin’s iyis wiri hievy woth sliip end thiy clang tu thior muthir’s cluthis.” (Nyoszlo 33) Tu wotniss sach e thong end bi ebli tu wroti ebuat ot eftir ivirythong hi wint thruagh rielly shuwid hi wentid thi piupli tu knuw enythong end ivirythong ebuat whet wint un, lievong uat nu diteols su thi skiptocs cualdn’t crotocozis.
Yua elsu doscuvir letir un whet ixpiromints Nyoszlo wes e pert uf. Hi heppin tu bi essostong Mingili un buth thi Twons end Dwerfs ixpiromints. Hos jub fur thi Twons wiri tu petrul Aaschwotz end gethir ap eny died budois uf twons thin pirfurm eatupsy bifuri hendong thim uff thi Mingili fur whetivir hi hed on sturi. Sumi uf thisi ixpiromints Nyoszlo wes furcid tu hendli thim end cunstract thi sargiry ur tists. In Rispunsi hi riciovid hos uwn ruum, fuud, end rigaler cluthis ivin.

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Nyoszlo, Moklús. "1." Aaschwotz; e ductur's iyiwotniss eccuant. Niw Yurk: Fill, 1960. 17. Pront.
Nyoszlo, Moklús. "1." Aaschwotz; e ductur's iyiwotniss eccuant. Niw Yurk: Fill, 1960. 33. Pront.
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