Analysis of Article I´d Sell YOu Sucide: Pop Music and Moral Panic in the Age of Marilyn Manson by Robert Wright

Analysis of Article I´d Sell YOu Sucide: Pop Music and Moral Panic in the Age of Marilyn Manson by Robert Wright

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Now a days, we are used to shocking lyrics and eye catching looks. It seems that every artist now is fighting to be so different that everyone is drawn to them. It was not always like this. In the late nineties and early two-thousands, most artists tried to fit in with the other blonde, processed pop stars that the industry was spitting out. When there was an artist who was not always happy and did sing about PG rated topics, they were blamed for what was wrong with the world, especially teenagers. In his article ‘I’d Sell You Suicide: Pop Music and Moral Panic in the Age of Marilyn Manson”, Robert Wright delves into and debunks claims that rock music, especially that of Marilyn Manson, is a main cause for teenage suicide.
The title of this article says a lot about the content. In one line the author sums up the premise of the article. We can understand the title more intricately by splitting it up into three parts. The first part of the title is “I’d Sell You Suicide”. The phrase embodies the popularization of violence and suicidal themes in music. It speaks to parents concern that punk/goth music persuades teenagers to kill themselves by glamorizing suicide in their lyrics. The next section would be “Pop Music and Moral Panic”. This relates to how adults were shocked by themes that were becoming mainstream, through music; themes like sex, drugs, violence and self loathing. Parents though that since their children listened to music that they would try to copy the activities singers/bands wrote about.
The last section carries the deepest meaning and really sums up most of what the article is trying to say. The phrase, “In the Age of Marilyn Manson” carries two meanings. The first is that Marilyn Manson was the main entertainer t...

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...not learn about the bad things in life. Manson took big steps in advancing how America looked at who is harming the youth. He shows neo-conservatives and overly concerned parents that just because someone is different and sings about heavy subjects does not mean they are evil. Marilyn Manson and his music is a solution to America’s need to over sensor. Manson opens our eyes to conservatism and demystifying the taboo terms of sex, violence, drugs, and suicide. Essentially, Manson is the parent we all should be. We should talk to our kids about sex, drugs and even violence. We should make them feel like they are not alone in their thinking/feelings and that there is someone who understands them. If we all though like this and practices this, maybe teenager suicide rates would go down and people could see the evil in themselves and stop pointing fingers at rock stars.

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