Analysis Of Anthony Trollope 's ' Returning Home ' Essay

Analysis Of Anthony Trollope 's ' Returning Home ' Essay

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Anthony Trollope is a man whom has since the late 1800 's released many fictions and short stories. In one particular story, "Returning Home". A man known as Mr. Arkwright and a women known as Mrs. Arkwright left home many years ago. Now the couple has received an opportunity to return home but is faced with many issues along the way. The dedication that both individuals express, illustrates Trollope 's message throughout the story where he believes that people who are farthest away from home or have trouble visiting home, are the people who value home the most.

Trollope during his younger years had a very rough and wavy childhood. He was born on April 24, 1815 in London. Trollope being the fourth surviving child of a failing barrister, he felt himself as an outcast due to his poverty for majority of his childhood. He then later felt further rejected when his mother abandoned him to go to the United States for four years at the age of twelve in attempt to save the family 's fortune 's (David). Trollope was then left to live with his father who was on a verge of insanity. But changed for the better when Trollope 's mother returned in 1831 and became a successful writer. Trollope 's mother, Frances, started to earn a steady income and moved the whole family near Bruges. However Trollope 's father fled to Belgium to avoid arrest for debt. Trollope later got a job at a post office in England but later on, repositioned in Ireland. He was very successful in his work and became a reliable and energetic public servant. It was not until 1847 where Anthony Trollope released his first novel (David). He later ended up going to north America during the early years of the American civil war. Trollope 's Travel resulted in developing a tra...

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...n the couple both still fought through the path even though of its condition. Lastly death can be expressed when they finally reached the boats to start to head home only to have hit a dead tree, causing the boat to be destroyed thus killing two people, including Mrs.Arkwright.

My conclusion on the short story "Returning Home" would be I found the story to be very well written within the literature elements. Though some wordings and phrases were a little difficult to understand. The story did a very great job on keeping your attention with the suspense if the couple eventually made it to see there family. It was a little upsetting knowing how the end of the story ended, Mrs. Arkwright dying in the end and never getting to see home once more. However some may say that’s just another thing that makes this an amazing story, not knowing what 's going to happen next.

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