Analysis of Anthem by Ayn Rand Essay

Analysis of Anthem by Ayn Rand Essay

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Following what one knows is right can sometimes come at a great price, often going against what has always been known. This can be difficult, and people do not have the drive to find their own happiness most of the time. The secrets of the earth are not for all men to see because discovering new things requires freedom to have a voice of your own and the will to search.
Freedom, or the lack of freedom, shapes the world and everyone in it. Without individuality, a person cannot think their own thoughts, so learning for themselves is impossible. In Anthem, Equality has to hide from his own thoughts and beliefs because they conflict with the views of his society. This is seen up until he discloses his invention to the Council of Scholars, when he starts to realize that being himself is a good thing. Before Equality made his discovery, the government that he lived in received little question, with the exception of the Saint of the Pyre. The council members were able to achieve this by taking away freedoms and the natural rights that a human has, which dehumanized the people into...

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