Analysis of Andrew Tuplin's Virtual Morality Essay

Analysis of Andrew Tuplin's Virtual Morality Essay

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Virtual Morality
In the short article titled “Virtual Morality” by Andrew Tuplin, Tuplin compares both video games and movies that violate moral beliefs according to the social norm. He argues the fact that technology is and will continue to challenge moral beliefs as well as the norm for what we see as acceptable in the real world. I for one see this issue to be harmful and threatening to the way we interact with the world on a daily basis. These so called “fantasy worlds” are confusing young minds and allowing them to create their own image to what is both morally right and wrong in society. This essay will explain why I feel that children should not be allowed to participate in violent video games and movies because the violence they learn will eventually introduce itself in society in one way or another.
In Tuplin’s first paragraph, he states that Technology is increasingly testing the boundaries of both moral behavior and what we believe to be morally right (Tuplin, 2008). He states that fantasy worlds allow gamers to experience a life without rules because morality does not exist in a virtual world (Tuplin, 2008). Games that promote death, violence and sexual dominance are found to be some of the more popular choices in America and with this being said I find it fair to say that majority of Americans find these games as well as violence to be both fun and amusing. I can’t say that I agree completely with Tuplin because I feel that these games can be beneficial in both escaping from reality and relieving stress during stressful times however I feel that there needs to be an age restriction and enforcement on such violent games and movies.
In addition, Tuplin addresses that these gamers who play games like “Grand Theft Auto”...

... middle of paper ...

... with unlimited advanced technological opportunities we will continue to see problems in this area. Children are exposed to technology at ages as young as two years old. It is easier for a parent to hand their child an iPad rather than to teach them singlehandedly. So again I say that the blame is not necessarily the technology but rather the parents fault for allowing the technology to take ahold of a young child’s developing mind.

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