Analysis Of Andrew Jackson 's President Of The United States Essay

Analysis Of Andrew Jackson 's President Of The United States Essay

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America has always been a land of opportunity ever since the pilgrims first arrived. During the infancy of America’s history, the country was under developed and would be considered a third world country today. Even though America was under developed compared to the previous motherland of Great Britain it always had the potential to exceed the many limits set upon by others. For example, Andrew Jackson, also known as the man of the people, was raised by a single mother who struggled to raise two other children and struggled with economic hardships. Regardless of his upbringings, Andrew Jackson became the seventh president of the United States in which he invited the public to his inaugural ball. Some people who migrated from other countries to America, such as Frances Trollope, failed to recognize the potential that America had. Instead of Mrs. Trollope acknowledging the promises the newly found country had, she decided to critically compare it to her homeland.
Mrs. Trollope left her home in London November 4th of 1827 with her children in route to America. Her first sight of the country was the entrance of the Mississippi River which she described as a horrible, depressing site. As she traveled throughout America, her views on the scenery of the country became better as she voyaged east. The cities in the west had no appeal to her; they were filled with dirty rivers infested with crocodiles. The homes and buildings in the west were built poorly, while hogs roamed the streets. The cities towards the east seemed to be more in favor to her liking. She expressed fondness towards rivers in the east such as the Hudson River, “I heard do much of the surpassing beauty of the North River, that I expected to be disappointed, and t...

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...institutions because of unnecessary foreign influence. Jackson 's veto showed his interest the entire American population as a whole; showing he was truly a man of the people.
Frances Trollope’s Domestic Manners of the Americans is a great book in finding an outsiders view of American life at the time. I enjoyed her writing, but wish she has come to America with a more tolerant mind, realizing that all countries would not be like Britain. Although some may have been offended by her writing, it holds some truth. I would teach this writing to show the perspective of America compared to those that lived in the country at the time. I would also bring in the views of President Jackson to show Trollope and American citizens respected him. Trollope’s ideas have caused controversy in America, proving to Americans that not all people believe they are as great as they seem.

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