Analysis Of Amy Tan 's Writing Essays

Analysis Of Amy Tan 's Writing Essays

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In this article, Amy Tan, demonstrates that it is her mother’s imperfect English that makes a difference to her success in writing area. She recalls her childhood memory that she used to her describe mother’s English as “broken” and this “limited” language level gives Tan restriction of perceiving people. She feels embarrassed and ashamed of her mother’s English and sometimes pretend she’s not listening to her or even ignores her intentionally. Tan believes that a person’s language ability directly has impact on how others treat his or her. The higher competence level a person owns, the more respect he or she may gain from others, and higher self-esteem may obtain. However, Tan’s mother is quite confident about herself even though she might not speak very fluently. She’s of the opinion that her English is “intact” as long as she expresses her opinions clearly and concisely. Therefore, regardless how her daughter, Tan, treats her disrespectfully, she still insists her way of speaking English and keeps being confident and a high self-esteem. Tan gradually realizes that even though language skill is important, people cannot be judged by their speaking level. Therefore, by using childhood experience, the author claims that the self-confidence is not necessarily interact with language competence.

In the movie English Vinglish, directed by Gauri Shinde, a housewife Shashi is belittled and isolated by her husband and daughter simply because she cannot speak very good English. When she is in New York City, helping prepare her niece’s wedding, she decides to attend English learning class. During that time, not only has she improved her English speaking and listening skills, being able to order meal in fluent English, but also she gains ...

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...selves and everyone is very concentrated on studying together and listening to each other because they’ve already get used to the discussion routines. The school is dedicated to providing students a setting where they are able to interact with peers, getting involved in the teamworks and obtaining knowledge. What’s more, the school claims that it is not the language competence that builds up students’ confidence, but the interaction and communication. Therefore, this discussion routines not only boost students’ content learning, but also foster their self-confidence, not being embarrassed to ask questions and collaborating with teammates effectively, that cannot be obtained barely through enhancing language skill. The article exhibits an convincing example to elaborate self-confidence is obtained through constantly learning rather than superficial language capability.

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