Analysis Of Alina Tugend 's Article ' Multitasking Can Make You Lose Um Focus '

Analysis Of Alina Tugend 's Article ' Multitasking Can Make You Lose Um Focus '

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A Response to Alina Tugend’s Article
In the article, “Multitasking Can Make You Lose…Um…Focus,” Alina Tugend centralizes around the negative effects of multitasking. She shows that often with multitasking, people tend to lose focus, lack work quality, have an increase in stress, and in the end she gives a solution to all these problems. Tugend conveys her points by using understandable language, a clear division of subjects, and many reliable sources, making her article cogent.
Tugend goes over the impact of interruptions on work. She states that it takes a long time to get refocused after an interruption. Tugend notes that work gets done quicker when a person endures interruptions, but the work quality suffers greatly because of the increase in stress. She states that while other people are interruptions, the biggest interruption is ourselves (Tugend 717). Along with that, human attention spans are decreasing making interruption much more likely to happen. The time people spend on an activity before switching is not enough to really get into it (Tugend 717).
Tugend states that multitasking is ever-increasing with the use of new technologies such as smartphones and laptops. She continues by saying that these technologies are causing once stationary activities to become mobile activities (Tugend 715).
Tugend mentions that multitasking is a good thing for some people, increasing focus, but in reality humans are not good at dividing their attention (715). She states that unless actions are routine, they require a heavier mental involvement. Tugend notes that switching between tasks causes a lack in concentration (717). Tugend states that humans can only focus on one or two things at a time. On the other hand, even focusing...

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...ems while trying to talk on the phone, it usually ends in disaster. However, multitasking is productive in some ways such as listening to classical music while studying. Tugend does a great job at getting personal with the reader; she uses situations that everyone has been through. Throughout the article, Tugend kept me entertained by switching between a casual and informational tone.
In conclusion, Tugend’s article was effective in conveying that people multitask too often. She managed to use a relatable tone so that anyone could find interest in her article. The flow of the article was steady, even without the use of transitions. Tugend quoted multiple sources that were reputable to reinforce her thoughts on multitasking. With the combination of language, structure, and evidence Tugend is able to persuade readers to consider the effects of multitasking.

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