Analysis Of Alicia, By Alicia Is A Black Woman With A Double Bachelor 's Degree

Analysis Of Alicia, By Alicia Is A Black Woman With A Double Bachelor 's Degree

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Presenting Issue
Alicia is a 26-year-old white woman with a double bachelor’s degree in early education and sociology. Alicia currently lives in a diverse community primarily Hispanic and white. She is seeking career counseling because she recently has had feelings of dissatisfaction with her current employment; a receptionist for a construction company. Alicia reports a considerable amount of dissatisfaction with her current job, particularly related to stress of working with competitive people, not with Alicia but with other sales associates. Alicia has also noted anxiety and stress related to the lack of job security of her current position, once the community under construction is finished being built Alicia is out of a job unless another new site is getting started.
Alicia has also mentioned the stress over compensation and notes that although she gets paid a fair amount per hour it still is not quite enough to make all ends meet. Lastly Alicia has expressed concerns with the change in supervisors at her job; noting that the new supervisors have negative attitudes and cutthroat values. Though Alicia has these feelings about her current job she continues to remain proactive by taking classes at a near by university to get her closer to her graduate degree needed to become a working and productive counselor.
Career and Work History
Alicia grew up in a predominantly White suburban area, where she attended private school for all twelve years before entering college. Alicia was diagnosed with dyslexia in Kindergarten but was able to excel in school. She was in a car accident when she was 11-years-old and had t take time off from school and focus on recovering both physically and emotionally. In high school Alicia was suffering ...

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...y and only the youngest of the four graduated high school. Eslin’s mother had a drug addiction when Eslin was younger and had to go to jail. When his mother came home she worked various jobs but when out of work relied heavily on unemployment or other social services. Eslin’s father worked in construction but eventually retired. Eslin’s parents are not married but have continued to live together for the past 50 years.
Alicia is happy with her relationship but has some concerns due to past legal trouble her son’s father has faced for drug dealing. Eslin is currently incarcerated and maintains a positive and productive attitude. He calls and sees Alicia frequently and they both work on being good parents to their son giving the situation at hand. Eslin has expressed desire to leave his illegal activity behind and pursue a career in truck driving or as an electrician.

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