Analysis Of Alice Walker 's ' Everyday Use

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While reading Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use,” one can picture and see the simple lives that Maggie and Mama live in and how it is oh so shaken up by the arrival of Maggie’s older sister Dee. Mama and Maggie seem to think that Dee as she is some type of higher person than they are even though they are kin. Since she has gone away from college, Dee seems as though she has distanced herself from the life that she had when she was living with Maggie and Mama never to look back. The two seem as though they are scared for her to come back, as they believe she will hate everything about the living situation and what their life is still about. Mama gives a sort of negative insight into Dee’s character, but in her article, “Fight vs. Flight: A Re-evaluation of Dee in Alice Walker 's “Everyday Use,” Susan Farrell argues that these first insights into Dee’s character may be inaccurate and to an extent I agree. Throughout, Walker sorta plays on a point where perception of people may be skewed by bad thoughts, and people can change with time. Mama surely seems to believe that Dee is ashamed of where she comes from and since she went to college she has some developed thoughts that she is better than her and Maggie, and wants nothing to do with her. Susan Farrell states that the insight Mama gives “may lead readers into suspect that Mama has a rather troubled relationship with her older daughter.” It seems as though Mama fears the arrival of Dee rather than looking forward to it just based on what she thinks she may feel about them. But really to their surprise, when Dee first arrives, she takes out her camera and starts to take pictures of everything around her in a ways to document her heritage, and to be able to show it off to everybody back... ... middle of paper ... ...ness of your family. It can show that no matter how far a person goes their home is always the most important thing to them and it will be with them forever. In all, the story of “Everyday Use,” like many others has a lot of things you can take a way from it and things that can still resonate today. Whether it be something as simple as not holding things against someone or thinking of them in a negative way, to not forgetting your heritage and what you have been through, there is always something to learn and keep a hold of. Life lessons can come from many things, and Alice Walker did exemplify a couple in her wonderful story about Mama, Dee, and Maggie. Stories such as “Everyday Use” may be common, but this one is truly one of a kind and will be one that sticks around for a long time. And the lessons learned will resonate with people for maybe even for generations.
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