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Analysis of Alec Derwent Hope Essay

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Alec Derwent Hope (1907-2000) was one of Australian’s greatest poets and a critic. He touched lives of many through his works. He is recognized as one of the most influential poets of the twentieth century. He is praised for his biting satire, clarity of his language and sophistication of his poetic vision. He is also viewed as a satirical poet because several of his works criticizes the technology, conformity and the absurdity of modern life. His works ranged from satire to tender lyricism, and his poems are metaphysical, sensual, serious, frivolous, mocking, mystical and rational (Hulibandi, 2012). He was truly influenced by Australia undoubtedly. His poems reveal images of Australia and modern life. “Australia” is one of his poems written in an ABBA rhyme scheme. In this poem, Hope has mentioned about the present condition of Australia and his criticism of general Australian society. He has also written about the lack of culture and intellectual challenges to be found in Australian society. The poem reflects on Australia by how it is both a new and old country, geographically old and politically new, how it is both European colonial and an individual (Watson, n.d.).

In the first stanza, Hope has started the poem with a gloomy image of Australia such as,
‘A Nation of trees, drab green and desolate grey
In the field uniform of modern wars,’ (Hope, n.d.)
He has used words such as ‘drab’ and ‘desolate’ in order to give a negative approach to the poem thereby exploring the spiritual poverty of the land. He has looked down upon Australia and the way of life. In the past, Australia was a country which was rich in environment. He has reminded the reader of the country’s lack of cultural identity. The country is n...

... middle of paper ...

... world of multi-cultured society which is called as a civilization.

Finally, Hope has started the poem with a negative approach towards Australia thereby ending the poem with a positive note. He is a well-known Australian poet and a critic. He has mentioned about the present condition of Australia and his criticism of general Australian society.

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