Essay on Analysis of a Websites Design and Creation

Essay on Analysis of a Websites Design and Creation

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About the content of this website is in this web site, I agree (1) that there has much useful accurate information to user. This information can help user to explore detail more about the novel they want to read and how to get that novel they want. For example, they put information about type of novel and categories of novel such as English novels and Malay novel. Besides that, they also put information about list of book, purchasing, catalog, member registration and about them. They put all of this information by using slide show, video, news and link. The advantage of this web site, it has much content to user so then user can access it with successfully. Besides that, content that they put to their web site act as function to attract their user to visit their web site and buy their product. This web site function working correctly and customer feel satisfied. The purpose of this website is to make our people nowadays have habit in reading and make them familiar with all books when they visit this page. Other purpose is, this website is creating to help save time, save energy and save money of people. This is because when people can access this website they no need to come to book shop to find the book they want and where place of that book. Lastly, the content in this website was organized and labelled suitable with theme of book website. Every book and information will be labelled with title and with price then will upload as a promotion to customer.
In this web site, for design and aesthetics, I also agree that there are several point of it such as, layout interface, graphics, attractive video and all of this useful to customer to get more information and attract customer to buy a ...

... middle of paper ...

...f source
The information providers are reliable

Ease of use
The site is organized in a logical manner

Ease of use
Movement between pages, and links is easy and not confusing

Accessibility and availability
Returning to this site would be an easy task

All links are clearly labelled and serve an easily identified purpose

Attribution and documentation
Sources are reliable and current

Intended audience
The language used is appropriate for the user

Contact addresses user support
Address/phone/email is readily accessible for feedback or questions by the users

3: Disagree

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