Analysis of a Transmission Model Essay

Analysis of a Transmission Model Essay

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Equipped with n antennas & the remote unit is equipped with m receive antennas (see Figure (1)). At each time slot t, signals C_t^i t=1,2,……n are transmitted simultaneously from the n transmit antennas. The channel is at-fading & the path gain from transmit antenna i to receive antenna j is denoted by h_(i,j) . The path gains are modeled as samples of independent complex Gaussian random variables with variance 0:5 per real dimension, i.e.,h_(i,j)~N(0,1) as we assume that signals received at di_erent antennas experience independent fading. In this report, we will consider modeling the path gains in both slow & fast Rayleigh fading. For slow fading, it is assumed that the path gains are constant during a frame of length L & vary from one frame to another, i.e., channel is quasi-static. For fast fading, the path gains are constant within each symbol period & vary from symbol to symbol. At time t, the signalr_t^j, received at antenna j is given by
r_t^j=∑_(i=1)^n▒〖h_(i,j) C_t^i+ η_t^j 〗
Where the noise samples η_t^jare i.i.d. zero mean complex Gaussian with variance σ^2=1⁄(((2E_s)⁄N...

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