Essay on Analysis of A Surviror´s Tale by Art Spiegelman

Essay on Analysis of A Surviror´s Tale by Art Spiegelman

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The book A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman is a very successful narrative about Vladek’s experience during the Holocaust. It tells the story of a Jewish holocaust survivor and his son who is a cartoonist transforming his father’s tale into a comic book. The son, Art, finds this event horrifying but also interesting so he feels others should read about it from the mouth of an actual survivor. The story jumps back and forth from present day to the days of the war. Art visits his father continuously to record parts of his story but he does not have a well-developed relationship with his father so these visits get tense. The father, Vladek, starts the story by saying how he met Art’s mother, Anja, who also survived the Holocaust, but she later committed suicide in May, 1968. Most of the story is the contact between Art and Vladek; Anja’s death is a major part of their relationship. It may be why they do not have an upright relationship. They have different ideas of Anja. For Vladek, Anja is the perfect wife; she was neat, wealthy, bright, and fluent in many languages like Vladek, whose own language fluency saves him in many situations. For Art, Anja is a needy and emotional mother but also the most compassionate towards him. We never get her side of the story, especially because after she commits suicide, Vladek destroys her diaries being unable to tolerate any image of Anja. In addition to the mother’s tragedy, Art has a brother, Richieu, who was born before the war in which he never meets. His mother’s sister, Tosha, took Richieu to stay with a relative to keep him far from the camps. The Germans eventually arrive in town and take the Jews to the camps so Tosha commits suicide and poisons Richieu, along with her own children. For ...

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...emendously careful in their everyday lives and not discuss about their past neither their families. Jews had to be completely cut off from the real world. They would come across problems in a location so it was essential to move to different homes. Children spent most of their childhood with strangers. Imagining the children, their main concern was probably if their families would survive the war, and that they may not be able to find their parents when it’s all over. Because children were taken by complete strangers, it was likely that they would not see their parents or other relatives again.
During the Holocaust, Jews were forced to live in ghettos. The conditions there were horrifying and harmful. To distinguish the Jews and the non-Jews, the Nazis forced Jews to wear Star of David on their clothes. If they tried to escape, a death penalty was enforced on them.

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