Essay Analysis of a Interprofessional Learning Activity

Essay Analysis of a Interprofessional Learning Activity

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Reflection on the Interprofessional Learning (IPL) activity
In the beginning of this activity, I did not know much about collaboration between different healthcare professionals. It helped me to clarify the meaning of a healthcare team and also to understand the role of different professionals in the team. Different team members have their specific roles and all of them work together to achieve a common goal –healthier patient. They work independently, but when it comes to decision making they seek advice from other healthcare provider in order to do the best for the patient. Not only doctor, physiotherapists, pharmacists and etc. are considered being part of the team. Patients must also be considered part of the decision making process, not only staying informed about their condition. Including the patient in the team may significantly improve the quality of the care provided as they are the only member present at all the time during the treatment. Each member’s role must be understood, because different roles may overlap which can lead to conflict when taking decisions. Knowing your colleagues’ area of practicing may reduce the chances for a conflict and will also make the teamwork more efficient. This activity enabled me to understand the importance of knowing and understanding the fact that taking care for a patient requires teamwork. For this reflection, I am going to talk about three learning points and what I have learnt about them.
For my first learning point, I chose the drug history of a patient. As I (Ivanova, 2014, a) said in the discussion board: “it plays a significant part in the pharmacist’s job”. The medication history is maybe the most important part from the patient medication profile for the ward pharmacist. I...

... middle of paper ... effectively in the team is associated with good communication and understanding about each other’s role in that team.

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