Essay on Analysis for MHM Business Strategies using Management Tools

Essay on Analysis for MHM Business Strategies using Management Tools

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Analysis for MHM business Strategies using Management Tools


1.0 Introduction

Companies use market entry strategies to expand their business in new markets. This research paper aims at analyzing the market entry strategies. External environment and internal environment analysis plays a key role in developing a market entry strategy. Mergers and acquisitions, establishing a wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture, strategic alliance, franchising etc. form the common forms of market entry.

MHM is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of Electrical parts in Qatar founded in 1972. It has diversified into the fields of electrical contracting, MEP Contracting, Manufacturing of Switchgear, and low voltage electrical parts trading. It has the capability of handling huge projects with least assistance. The objective of the firm is to support the Electric
als industry of Qatar with quality parts and technical expertise at a competitive price. The market dynamics of Qatar has been highly influenced by the rapid globalization and changed economic conditions. It has resulted in a highly complex marketplace. The company has been continuously meeting the increased demand for electrical equipments and parts with its comprehensive products and competitive prices. For the past 30+ years MHM main focus was in low current electrics business and never entered into different field of business since then.
MHM management sensed an opportunity in the market for fire Alarm and fire fighting installation and trading business. New law was established in Qatar required all real estate owners to upgrade their fire fighting system to meet the American standards (NFPA).
Very few fire fighting companies working in ...

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...ustry characteristics and the industry is analyzed in each dimension. The interpretation of the five forces model is that the stronger the forces less attractive is the industry and vice versa.
Michael porter’s model had great influence in the economic model age with market structure but in the current technology driven internet economy this model has become irrelevant. The emergence of multinational companies, dot com companies and global companies has changed the economic model and the contribution of the companies to nation’s economy is no longer valid (Meyer, K. E., Estrin, S., Bhaumik, S. K., & Peng, M. W, 2009). In the current information economy, globalization, digitalization and deregulation play the major role and in these Porter’s model cannot be applied.

3.2 Strategy Analysis; Internal Capability
3.2.1 MOST Analysis

3.2.2 Boston Box Analysis

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