Analysis and Results of Research Paper

Analysis and Results of Research Paper

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3.Analysis and Interpretation
3.1.Gender wise classification of response

Graph 3.1.

Male 38 72%
Female 15 28%
Total 53 100%

Table 3.1.
Interpretation in this questionnaire there are totally 53 respondents and out of that 38 is male and the rest 15 is female respondent
3.2.Respondents based on age group

Graph 3.2.

18-29 20 38%
30-39 22 42%
40-49 10 19%
50+ 1 2%
Total 53 100%

Table 3.2.
Interpretation respondents based on their age wise classification as most of them are from 30-39 age group and also from 18-29 age group as most of them belong to gen y category and only a few gen x category.
3.3.Department working in

Customer service 5 9%
Finance 17 32%
MIS 15 28%
Marketing 12 23%
Human resources 4 8%
Total 53 100%

Graph 3.3.

Table 3.3.

Interpretation this is the department wise classification of respondents as they are from 5 different departments and most of them is from finance department and MIS as well.
3.4.Respondents position in the company

Graph 3.4.

Clerical 11 21%
Technician 4 8%
Managerial 22 42%
Accounting 11 21%
Others 5 9%
Total 53 100%

Table 3.4.
Interpretation this table and graph shows the respondents position in the company as most of them are from managerial position and clerical and accounting as well.
3.5.Respondents years of experience in the company

Graph 3.5.
0-2years 16 30%
2-4years 25 47%
More than 4 years 12 23%
Total 53 100%

Table 3.5.

Interpretations most of the respondents belong to the years of experience are 2-4 years and 0-2years as most of them are fresher’s and got promoted very fast.
3.6.Working environment

Participative 32 60%
Autonomy 15 28%
Autocracy 6 11%

... middle of paper ...

...s drinking water, rest room, air conditioning How much does salary increment motivates you Are you satisfied with the authorities given to you to perform the duty given to you
How is the physical working condition in the organization Pearson Correlation 1 .175 .160 .117
Sig. (2-tailed) .211 .251 .405
N 53 53 53 53
Your overall satisfaction with the facilities that the company is providing in the working environment such as drinking water, rest room, air conditioning Pearson Correlation .175 1 .027 .053
Sig. (2-tailed) .211 .849 .707
N 53 53 53 53
How much does salary increment motivates you Pearson Correlation .160 .027 1 .186
Sig. (2-tailed) .251 .849 .183
N 53 53 53 53
Are you satisfied with the authorities given to you to perform the duty given to you Pearson Correlation .117 .053 .186 1
Sig. (2-tailed) .405 .707 .183
N 53 53 53 53

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