Analysis and Description of Taiwan's Three Principles Essay

Analysis and Description of Taiwan's Three Principles Essay

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Part A:
The Nationalist party went to Taiwan after they lost the Chinese civil and with them, they brought their ideas and through those ideas, they carried the ideology of Sun Yat-Sen's three fundamental principles of the people. This investigation investigates: Why were Sun Yat-Sen’s three principles of the people fully achieved after 1988? My investigation will focus on why it was achieved by analyzing the Three Principles and comparing them to the government that was established in Taiwan. The end of martial law in Taiwan assists in analyzing this question because that is when all three principles were achieved. The source Taiwan: A New History written by Murry A. Rubinstein provides analysis of Taiwan's socioeconomic status and relates to the principle of welfare, the last of the three principles to be achieved. This study also uses China A New History by John King Fairbank, this resource is provides great insight on politics and nationalism that developed in Taiwan post the Chinese Civil war which were the other two principles of Sun Yat-Sen.

Part B:
Sun Yat Sen
• Both, nationalist and communists, used historical scholarship as a basis for their political legitimacy and claimed the patronage of Sun Yat-Sen in order to sanction regimes born of the revolution. (Bergère).
• Reflected upon the failures of the Manchu Dynasty. (Bergère).
• Western influences served as a fundamental research to him as he traveled around to several different developed countries to establish his own ideology. (Bergère).
Three Principles of the People (Sun Yat-Sen).
• The Principle of Nationalism (Sun Yat-Sen).
o "Nationalistic policy towards races within our national boundaries" "… goal of ideal brotherhood" (Sun Yat-Sen).
o Sun Yat-Sen'...

... middle of paper ...

...story. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1999. Print.
Sun, Yat-Sen. Fundamentals of National Reconstruction. Taipei: China Cultural Service, 1953. Alpha History. Web. 14 Feb. 2014.

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