Essay about Analysing the Concept of Place

Essay about Analysing the Concept of Place

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Place can be conceptualised as being a “physical setting” or a “simulated location” (Moores 2003: 11) and can be seen in a symbolic, material or experiential dimension. Many scholars have introduced the concept of media space, such as John Urry (2000). However, it is the works of Doreen Massey (1995), Joshua Meyrowitz (1985, 1994) and Paddy Scannell (1996) who have defined place as being either pluralised or marginalised.
The Doubling of Place:
Scannell introduced the concept of the “doubling of place” (Scannell 1996: 172) which is applicable for understanding contemporary media. Scannell states that place can be “pluralized” through media and hence, events that are broadcast through contemporary media such as television and the internet can now occur in two different places: the physical place where the event is being held and the place where it is being watched. There is now a possibility of “being in two places at once” (Moores 2004: 21) as a result of mobile technologies such as the internet and telephone which allow information to be transmitted across “vast spacial distances”. Therefore, distant events that are occurring can be witnessed live. In regards to the “doubling of place”, this essay will discuss the way mobile media can allow the possibility of “being in two places at once” using location-aware technology but can also blur the line between private and public boundaries of society today.
Meyrowtiz's Theory - Place Marginalised:
The concept of the pluralisation of media space was introduced in the late twentieth-century by Scannell (1996). However, Meyrowitz's theory of “situations as information-systems” (Meyrowitz 1985: 35-8; Meyrowitz 1994: 59) supports the view of place being marginalised. He refers...

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