Analysing the Adderall Outbreak Essay

Analysing the Adderall Outbreak Essay

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Whether it be intense studying for a final or staying up all night to finish a paper that was assigned three weeks ago, some college students’ turn to study enhancing drugs such as Adderall for help. Due to Adderall being a study enhancing drug, many of these college students only focus on the fact that it could help them with their school work. They fail to consider that the non-medical use of Adderall could lead to increased heart rate, dependency on the drug, cardiac arrest, and in some cases legal consequences. Despite the dangers of using this drug without a medical purpose, about a third of college students admit to using Adderall in an attempt to help with their schoolwork (Journal of American College Health). Some wonder if this percentage is high due to campus clinics not thoroughly testing their patients before prescribing them.
Although many doctors and clinics choose to use the suggested medical procedure when diagnosing a student with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, it is not required by law. Testing a patient for ADHD “is an often expensive process” and lengthy process that some medical practices are unwilling to go through (Pennino). These practices use alternative methods, such as questionnaires and surveys, in order to diagnose their patients. The use of these methods should be discontinued to make the prescription of Adderall more difficult for patients to obtain. Instead all medical practices should be required to go through a specific set of procedures, similar to the ones suggested by the American Psychiatric Association, before diagnosing a student with ADHD or ADD.
The American Psychiatric Association expresses that doctors should ensure “six (or more) of the following symptoms have persisted for at...

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