Analysing Movies that Have to Do with Marxism, Panopticism and Globalization

Analysing Movies that Have to Do with Marxism, Panopticism and Globalization

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Cultural Studies, as the name implies, is a broad and far reaching discipline which takes into account many fields of study, ideas and theories. Popular culture, a branch of cultural studies; looks into the transformation of culture as it is continuously molded through the devices of language, symbols and theories. In today's world, however, globalization has become a major concern as cultures from around the world are becoming meshed together resulting a new world order (or disorder as implied by Barker). The concerns of globalization involve capitalist influence, a rapidly growing dependence on technology, and the possibility of the world entering into a cyber-capitalist era. The ideas of importance in this essay are as follows: Marxism, Panopticism, and Globalization. The movies that shall be examined, in relation to the ideas listed above, are as follows: Beijing Bicycle, The Hunger Games, and Fahrenheit 451. Capitalism, the embodiment of the American dream, is the idea of personal property and the pursuit of personal wealth; but, is Capitalism truly what it promises to represent? In taking a look at the movie, Beijing Bicycle, will the darker side of Capitalism emerge from its illusory pledge?
In the movie, Beijing Bicycle, the lives of two Chinese boys (from opposite social classes) collide over a single bike that one boy claims to have worked for while the other boy claims to have bought with stolen money from a family business. The two boys scuffle over the bike until there is a mutual agreement to share. The movie is a metaphor of the complications that arise out of Capitalism, which include class struggle, fierce competition, and the instability of Capitalism in the long run. Karl Marx, the father of Marxism ...

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...has placed the poor in. In Fahrenheit 451, in the futuristic society of a technological dependent world, knowledge is seen as a threat to those in power. Could it be that today’s controversy over internet censorship is based off of elite fear of public knowledge? Sovereignty is a human right; the ability to govern one’s self is the hope for the future; an egalitarian society.

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