Essay about Analaysis of the American Way

Essay about Analaysis of the American Way

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No matter how liberty and freedom are defined, America and its people have always prided itself on being founded on their principles. Looking back at the founding of America , slavery, Civil War, emancipation, reconstruction, and the times following all the way through today I would say everyone should ask, is liberty truly the American Way?
Since I have not yet taken American History 1, I had to look outside this week’s readings to review the Monroe Doctrine and “Manifest Destiny” that lead to some of the attitudes and events covered. In 1823 in the Monroe Doctrine, America essentially told Europe and other powers in the eastern hemisphere hands off the western hemisphere. Lands in the western hemisphere would either become part of the U.S. or be left to the governments in place if they could rule themselves justly. Later as expansion west began many believed in a “Manifest Destiny” where Anglo-Saxon Americans had the right and obligation to settle / civilize the lands and people from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. This belief laid the ground work for the imperialistic attitude that later lead us across seas.
Westward expansion brought with it troubles with the peoples and the governments already there in some cases. Native American Indians who lived on the lands were forced to leave their traditional homes and ways to live on reservations. They were essentially treated as conquered people with no rights as Americans. As railroads were established the U.S. expanded further and further. With railroads came the laborers who worked on them, many who were immigrants. Many immigrants especially Chinese were brought to this country as cheap laborer and found little opportunity and appreciation when the work was done. Na...

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...e end, it must be said that in the past the principles of liberty were strained and maybe even purposely forgotten, but liberty has become the American Way and for millions it always was.

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