An Unhealthy Work Environment Is Essential For Positive Progression And Healthy Relationships

An Unhealthy Work Environment Is Essential For Positive Progression And Healthy Relationships

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In the workplace and in life, communication is essential to positive progression and healthy relationships. The key to all successful companies, healthy relationships and positive interactions is effective communication. Some vital factors in effective communication are open-mindedness, unbiased views of others and their opinions and respect for cultural differences. These factors will in turn lead to successful collaborations, a better workplace environment, and an overall healthy atmosphere. Two of the largest issues plaguing workplace environments are ethnocentrism and stereotyping. These issues can cause major rift between employees, management, and customer relationships. This can stagnate or halt the overall success and positive progression of the company. In order to overcome these natural barriers and create a comfortable and happy working environment, education is key. Because people are truly unaware of the damage that their ignorance and elitism can cause, many of these problems will go unsolved and create an unhealthy work environment and throw off the balance of the business.
To understand how to correct a problem such as ethnocentrism or stereotyping, it is essential that we first identify the problem, define it, isolate the issue, and educate the offenders and advance in a positive way. The term ethnocentrism is primarily the idea that one 's own culture is superior to others cultures (Merriam-Webster). This ideology can be detrimental to any workplace environment because it hinders the ability to respectfully and properly communicate with the many different cultures represented in a particular workplace. Alongside this controversial issue is its equally important and unfavorable counterpart, stereotypes. ...

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...rish and where you see the company progressing minimizes the smaller obstacles that come along with the everyday interactions in the workplace. For employees under this leadership it is important to understand the value in determining the best methods of communication in business. For example, a common way to settle the grounds at which those in a professional business setting communicate between one another would be to send out memos that can be understood and interpreted correctly between all employees or even sending out special emails to those who may not be as familiar with the english language just so they are at a neutral state of communication with all of the other employees in the company. The authoritative structure of communication within the business realm of a society is likewise cost effective in deciding the best routines for correspondence in business.

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