An Ungergraduate Application in Mechanical Engineering Essay

An Ungergraduate Application in Mechanical Engineering Essay

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As a child, I was always intrigued by the workings of complex mechanisms and equipment. I liked tinkering with objects, trying to analyze and understand their principle rather than playing with toys. In school, I found myself drawn towards subjects that require a lot of creative and logical thinking. In order to have a better view of these concepts I designed many projects and took part in many science fairs. The exposure to such propositions enhanced my understanding of the use of simple and complex designs. This interest has only grown through my years in school. Therefore, I proceeded to take up Mechanical Engineering as my major because it seemed to encompass all the facets of my interest. Indeed, the course structure offered by the Mechanical Engineering department is quite outstanding and my perspective and understanding has tremendously expanded.
During my undergraduate studies, I was exposed to several interesting yet challenging issues of Mechanical Engineering. The varied mechanical engineering courses have implanted a lot of enthusiasm in me. I have been introduced to several topics ranging from Fluid Dynamics, Manufacturing Technology, and Metrology to Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. Out of my strong conviction that knowledge of computers is a prerequisite in today’s research, I’ve gained a special predilection towards Computer-Aided Design. This opened up a realm of possibilities in the field of Finite Element Analysis that I never imagined in my life. These courses have helped me build a strong foundation in mechanical engineering and laid the necessary groundwork to pursue graduate studies. Right from the second year, I was preparing myself by working towards gaining knowledge in depth rather than only fo...

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...e because of the flexibility incorporated in its learning system and the practical approach towards concepts. Browsing through the information brochure and the university home page I feel that the graduate study at your university holds a lot of promise to me. It would also help me learn global standards in this field, which I consider would be beneficial to make a justified contribution to the field of Mechanical Engineering.
I would be honored if given a research or teaching assistantship because in addition to easing the financial burden on me, I’d be able to gain extra knowledge and experience working closely with a highly skilled professor. I look forward to a challenging research oriented career in an industry and I’m confident that if given a chance, I shall strive to live up to the expectations.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself.

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