An Unexpected Journey Of My Father Essay

An Unexpected Journey Of My Father Essay

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An unexpected journey
One evening my father came home with multiple forms that needed to be filled out. One was for my mother and the second one was for my father to complete. He put the forms in the living room table and said “I have good news!”My dad’s face lit up like christmas tree, his smile was ear to ears, his face was glowing with happiness and we all gathered together to hear his good news. My mother on the other hand was not that impressed, “What did you buy this time?”, she asked my father. My father had replied “This is something that will make all of us have the opportunity to succeed.” My mother was busy going back in forth to the kitchen and living room. We all gathered around my father, I was eager to hear the good the news. My four year old brother jumped up and down calling “aboy” (father) as we persuaded him to tell us about the good news. My father asked if we could wait for our mother to join us, but we could not wait so we all called “Yema” (mother) to come so we could listen to the good news.
My mother came and sat beside us to hear the message that my father had for us, by this time my father had both forms in his hand. He told mom about the green card and visa program and that we needed to complete the forms in order to immigrate to the United States. He pointed at my mother and told her one of the form was for her and the second one was for him to complete. He explained what the forms were all about; they were two sets of forms for us to fill out, they were identical 15 pages long to get entry to the U.S. diversity visa lottery program. The more my father explained it to us the more we got very excited. My mother was smiling; however, she had many questions. I did not blame her; she worked so hard in...

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...ouldn’t understand anyone due to language barrier. Not knowing the language and not knowing what is going on for a year or so felt like we were in the room without air. I missed my friends; I was not able to sleep well for a year or so. It was difficult to sleep. My father and brother worked every day after school and during summer time, to pay the debt we had. It was great feeling, when we finally paid our debt.
It is 2016 now and everyone has moved on with their lives doing very well. My parent dreams come true, seeing the kids finish school and move on with their dreams too, it is the dream that they have for all of their 8 children. To work hard, and to get an education and to do well in life. We have managed it well and we are doing fantastic jobs with everything that came our way. We know life can be difficult, however working hard will pay off in the end.

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