An Understanding Of Ethical Dilemmas Revolving Around End Of Life Issues

An Understanding Of Ethical Dilemmas Revolving Around End Of Life Issues

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End of Life Issues
The purpose of this assignment is to help gain an understanding of ethical dilemmas revolving around end of life issues that may have been encountered during care for a patient. This paper will discuss one experience from my role transition that presented an end of life issue that interested me. The issue was a 90 year old female patient, I.W., who came into the emergency department with difficulty breathing, and she was also in end stage lung cancer. The family wanted everything that could be done for her to be done, and the patient went along with this. She was quiet and the family wanted her admitted, to get breathing treatments and oxygen, and to speak to the doctors about doing x-rays and other tests. Normative ethics is a way to answer about what is right and wrong, in a particular situation and emphasizes the question, what should be done for each patient (Matzo & Sherman, 2015)? This paper will look at mine, and my nurse’s opinions on this ethical dilemma, the ethical committee involvement in this issue, and the decision making strategies with ethical dilemmas.
Ethical dilemma
Student and Nurses Point of View
While on the unit, and seeing this woman struggling to breathe, all while knowing her lungs are failing, was very difficult for me. I know her family wanted her to stay alive and they wanted to feel like they were doing everything they could for her, but it was sad to watch this woman lying there, and not once hearing her say what she wanted. After walking out of the room, my preceptor made a comment that really resonated with me, “That woman is 90 years old, she is almost at the end of her life with that cancer, and they want us to perform every invasive procedure we can to prolong her suffering.”...

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...r was notified of the family’s wishes for her care, and we kept in contact. We did the best we could for her until they could admit her, and I do not see how else this situation could have been handled.
This was just one of the many times I am sure I will see ethical dilemmas about end of life care in the hospital. It was unreal that the family was pushing so hard for this patient, when she was so quiet and seemed to be without an opinion of her own. She was at the end of her lung cancer and really having trouble breathing, but they were continuing to push for invasive medicine instead of making her comfortable. I learned that I need to be able to put aside my personal feelings on matter such as these, and follow the ethical guidelines set forth. It is important to do such, and this paper will help to remind me of this when I go into my nursing career.

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