An Unarmed Black Teenager Was Shot And Killed By A White Police Officer Essay

An Unarmed Black Teenager Was Shot And Killed By A White Police Officer Essay

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Jahkiya Jack
Prof. Avila
6 August 2016
Final Paper
An unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer. The shooting prompted protests around the nation as people rallied for change. Pick a time period, pick a place, and pick a black person from the archive of African Americans who have fallen victim to this social injustice, and I guarantee that the scenario above will remain the same. Police brutality against African Americans is not a new topic, but the recent shootings of young black men by cops in cities around the Nation has reignited this oh so familiar fight for justice. Within the last few years there have been an abundance of protests and riots due to cops not being indicted for murdering unarmed black men and women, and with these protests a new social movement known as Black Lives Matter has arose. Though Americans have seen civil rights movements and similar cases of racially spurred violence in the past, this movement in particular comes at a time when America views itself as a “colorblind” or “post-racial” society. This refers to the fact that a majority of Americans believe that they are not racist and that they don’t need to take into consideration the color of a person’s skin. The colorblind ideology that is prevalent in the post-Civil Rights era that we live in may seem like the cure for inequality, however it has only contributed to the suppression of modern-day discrimination. Black Lives Matter began as a hashtag used not to say that all lives don’t matter, but simply to support the uncanny amount of black lives affected by social injustices. Nonetheless, with the escalating amount of racially spurred police brutality and profiling cases Black Lives Matter has grown into a natio...

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...icies won’t happen overnight, the Black Lives Matter Movement needs to continue so they can educate America about colorblind racism, change public opinion and gain support. Race does matter and it needs to be acknowledged before any reform can be made. Living in a colorblind society is not the cure, however with the help of the Black Lives Matter movement and the cooperation of government officials we can evolve into a color conscious society.

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