An Successful Entry Into The Australian Market Essay

An Successful Entry Into The Australian Market Essay

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In order to achieve the most successful entry into the Australian market, clearly defined marketing objectives must be in place. A target market is defined as well as a market penetration plan. We have also included a five-year sales forecast and 5-year profit forecast. In addition, we have prepared a SWOT analysis and marketing mix.
Our target market is adults ages 18-55, all races and genders, and working class people on a budget. People interested in coffee, cold drinks and food on the go especially are our prime customers. Working class people, young adults and students are our best customers because they are looking for cheap, but quality food and drink that they can get on the go. Their busy lifestyles makes the speedy drive-throughs of Dunkin’ Donuts a more viable options than a walk-in coffee shop that takes a long time to make each item. We plan to set up shops in cities and by the beaches mainly. Our first location will be in Melbourne because the coffee culture in this city is much more developed and pervasive than it is in the rest of Australian (Stone, 2015). If we can get the coffee drinkers of Melbourn excited about Dunkin Donuts coffee, the excitement may spread to other parts of the country more quickly.
Between 2012 and now Dunkin’ Donuts as increased sales exponentially. In 2012 Dunkin donuts had roughly $658.2 million in sales from all of its brands combined (Bloomberg, 2016). In 2016, the company now boasts $817.0 million in sales total (Bloomberg, 2016). We expect sales to be about $300,000 at first just from our one Melbourn location. To project this sales number, we used Bloomberg to explore Dunkin’ Donuts stocks, sales, and profits internationally, and just in America from 2012 to 2016. We ...

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...on. By purchasing in bulk from vendors, prices will be kept low and affordable.
In conclusion, Dunkin’ Donuts will succeed in the Australian market based off our extensive research and findings. With the proper adjustments to the current brand, Dunkins’ could become the leading coffee chain in Australia. In order to succeed, not only must the rules and regulations of the host country be followed, but the entire brand must shift its attitude to please that of the Australian people. Catering to the customer is what creates a successful brand, and with constant feedback from the customer, the new Dunkin’ Donuts locations all throughout Australia will succeed. Franchising is an equitable and less time-consuming way for Dunkins’ to make profit from its brand. With the help of the Australian people, Dunkin’ Donuts will dominate the market share in no time.

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