An Service Learning Project Is A Wonderful Experience Essay

An Service Learning Project Is A Wonderful Experience Essay

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I want to start off by saying that conducting this service learning project was a wonderful experience that allowed me to encounter an entirely different aspect of the local Deland community. I very much enjoyed being able to interact with the children at Pathways’ Deland Head Start location and teach them about personal hygiene. Speaking on matters of personal health habits that allow you to lead a healthier and happier life is something I am very passionate about. When coming up with a lesson plan for the children, I wanted to create an interactive curriculum they would enjoy, and be able to remember the skills we taught them regarding how to best take care of their personal health as young individuals. The particular topic we focused on in our presentation for the children was basic personal hygiene methods, such as brushing one’s teeth and hair, taking a shower, and washing one’s hands with warm water and soap. Our lesson utilized pictures, props and an interactive charade-style game of “guess that hygiene” after giving a short and presentation.
When we initially arrived at Head Start, we greeted the children and their teachers, who had already gathered them in a group for our lesson and introduced ourselves. We began our lesson by first asking what the children what they believed “personal hygiene” was, and after all the children who had wanted to answer, we explained that personal hygiene involves maintaining healthy habits to one’s self clean and free of germs. This lead to us prompting the children to give some examples of what they believed to be examples of “healthy habits.” I feel that this question was one they were all very excited to answer, as they all jumped in anticipation whenever it was their turn to answer w...

... middle of paper ... their hands very well after our lesson, as they were about to have lunch. I hope to continue to promote the personal health of all whom I may meet in the future, and also increase my participation in my local community. It was a wonderful experience to interact with fellow community members, and felt rewarding to be able to share beneficial knowledge in health with the children at Head Start.
In the future, I feel I will be more prepared and aware as to how to best educate people on important health topics based in their demographic, level of education, and access to community resources. I also hope to increase my own personal community engagement through volunteer and community service in order to help my local community, while also spreading awareness via social media on public health initiatives I am supporting my community, to have a greater global impact.

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