Essay on An Reflection On The Sports Game

Essay on An Reflection On The Sports Game

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An hour doesn’t seem like a lot of time for change, but with rapid variations of emotions combined in a small time frame, the outcome of the event can change your life forever. Kaimyn Anderson was a student at Mullens Middle School, a player on the basketball team, and a brother to everyone he came in contact with. He was the type of person that always found a way to put a smile on his and your faces, no matter the situation. Kaimyn and my brother, Logan, who played on a basketball team together and were best friends, were inseparable. They were always doing something together whether it was spending the night at our house, attending school, or traveling with one another on the weekends for basketball tournaments. One morning, following Kaimyn spending the night, my family made plans to attend the Wyoming East vs Westside football game that everyone in our community was eager to attend. While I was planning on experiencing the normal, exhilarating atmosphere of this rivalry football game, it was little to my knowledge that would be facing something that would open a new perspective towards life.
As I was standing along the football field watching the game, someone came up from behind me and jumped on my back in a joking manner. Since this was a normal act of his, I had no doubt as to who it was, Kaimyn Anderson. “Where’s your brother at, I’ve been looking for him all game?” he asks. “He is over there under the scoreboard passing football with some people,” I answered. As he took off running in Logan’s direction, I placed my attention back on the football game, only to be interrupted by someone alarmingly speaking over the intercom.
“We need any EMT that is here to report to midfield on the ‘home side’!” said the ma...

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...thing that crosses your mind often, family bonding can be far more significant that you think. You never know when you are going to be placed in a situation where you are going to have to heavily rely on someone to get you through hard times, and who better to support you than someone you are close to. Kaimyn Anderson will be motivation to anyone who had the privilege to be a part of this young man’s life. The reality that he had such an effect on our life made it much harder to coop with, especially for my brother. It is so important to stay close to your loved ones because you never know when you are going to need someone to turn to. That night, if my brother and I weren’t there for each other, it would have been harder to deal with his death. Kaimyn has touched the lives of everyone in our community, and he still carries on in our thoughts today.

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