An Reflection Of Life 's Meaning Essay

An Reflection Of Life 's Meaning Essay

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The theistic response to life’s meaning is when one believes their life’s meaning is to live according to God’s Plan. The type of people that usually have this response to the question of life’s meaning are religious people. From a religious standpoint, as a child you are taught that God created you and he has a specific plan for your life, so if you are raised in the church it is engrained in you from a young age that God decides your meaning of life. People that do not believe in God would completely reject this response. Without the belief in God or a higher power a person would believe that the meaning of life is not determined by an outside source or a higher power.
The human progress response to life’s meaning is when one believes that life’s goal is to contribute to human progress. This means that the person believes that everyone’s life goal is to contribute to the world or to improve the condition of living for everyone in the world in some way. Supporters of this response believe this to be true because of all the progress we have made so far as human beings. We have made technological advances, advances in medicine and science and these many advances show how we have progressed as humans. The advances have also been the reason that people have accepted the human progress response to the question of life’s meaning. Because of the advances people have begun to think that we were put on the earth for this reason, to help make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations. People that reject this response might argue that we have not made progress in certain areas, like economically. Others might argue that we have made all the progress possible for the world, so there is no more progress to be made. This w...

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...I believe Socrates would affirm to the Human progress response to life’s meaning.
The account in Crito also aligns with the Human Progress response to life’s meaning. Socrates explains what he believes to be the good life. He explains that for life to be good it must be just and beautiful. He believes that to break out of prison would mean that he would be doing an injustice to his fellow Athenians and this goes against everything he stands for. In Crito, it seems that Socrates is trying to set an example for his fellow Athenians. He wants them to live an examined life, a just life, a good life. He wants to do his part to contribute to the stability of the community as a whole and he wants others to follow his lead. This clearly shows that he believes that contributing to human progress can give meaning to life, which aligns exactly with the Human progress response.

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