An Overview Of The Events Encountered On September 23, 2015 Essay

An Overview Of The Events Encountered On September 23, 2015 Essay

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This process recording will be an overview of the events encountered on September 23, 2015. On this day the student social worker went to meet with new clients to volunteer with and attended a care plan meeting with a client’s family members, social worker, and nurse to discuss concerns with treatment at the client’s facility. Particularly, this client is African American woman, aged 93, currently diagnosed with cancer but it is not specific where the cancer has originated. Hence, the client has decided to begin services with hospice care to create a better quality of life and care during this time.
The purpose or intent of this session was to attend a care plan meeting with the facility charge nurse, the hospice nurse, social worker, and family member to voice concerns about the treatment that the current client is experience while in their care; while also providing caregiver support to the client’s granddaughter. The client has expressed to her granddaughter that she feels mistreated because the staff is not allowing her to get out of the bed or take her to the restroom. The staff has now begin to put briefs on the client so that she is able to use the bathroom in bed; the client also, told her granddaughter that one of the a certified nursing assistant inform her that she needed to urinate in the brief twice before they will change her.
As previous stated are the problems that the client has voice to her caregiver, initially when the student social worker visited with this client two weeks ago everything seemed to be going well. The client’s bed was well-mannered and the client was groomed very well. Overall, the environment appeared to be pleasant but as a student social worker and conversing with the client I quickly lear...

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...ractices. As previous stated she lost about 30 pounds within months also she went to see a neurologist because she is concerned about her health. I informed her that she has to take at least an hour to focus on herself and not worry about her grandmother.
For my next visit, the granddaughter and I discuss that I would come to visit with her grandmother Tuesday afternoon. With this suggestion it will allow rapport to build between the student social worker and the client’s granddaughter. Although, I didn’t get to sit in on the care plan meeting the social worker suggested that after meeting with her grandmother on Tuesday’s I could call her to see if she would like for me to follow up with her after each visit. By doing so; it will allow her to relax at least through her work day so that her job performance will not be affected due to worrying about her grandmother.

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