An Overview of Direct Response Marketing Essay

An Overview of Direct Response Marketing Essay

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Direct response marketing is a marketing effort aimed at driving immediate action from specific action from the targeted audience. Such action could be an opt-in mail, calling to a provided phone number, clicking a link or buy the suggested product. It differs from mass market which simply reminds prospective customers of the existence of products and services for them to purchase. It runs on the idea that the more times clients see a particular ad, the more they are likely to buy. Direct response marketing on the other hand, targets a particular segment in the market and attempts to move the clients to act immediately
Characteristics of direct response marketing.
• Targets specific niche or audience; Direct response marketing looks for prospects within specific zones, verticals or niche marketing. It is meant to appeal to a narrow segment in the overall market.
• There is a specific offer that is made; There is a specific value added offer that is made. Most of the times, nothing is sold. However, the marketing effort aims at getting the prospect to action. E.g. request a free sample.
• The results can be tracked. Prospect response from the marketing effort can be tracked. It is easy to tell which of the marketing efforts generated customer action. In contrast, it is not possible to know what ad generated customer action in mass marketing.
• It is possible to measure results; In direct response marketing, it is possible to know how much in terms of sales or response that the marketing effort generated. It becomes easier to drop the marketing effort that does not give the expected response.
• There is a compelling message; There is a strong message that is passed to the prospective clients to elicit interest and action. There is ...

... middle of paper ... explain their offers to individual customers. This method has a quick response from the prospects.
4. Coupon codes
These are discount offers to clients when they visit the directed store with the coupon number. Coupons can be put in print media or digital. They offer substantial savings when customers buy with the codes within some given time.
When well executed, direct response marketing is both beneficial to the customers and the marketers. Client will have their problems solved within a short period of time and at a discount. To the marketers, direct response marketing is not only affordable but highly effective in delivering the expected results. It can be varied depending on the feedback it generates from the clients. It is just like making money at a discount. It involves putting in little cash into marketing and reaping in big profits from the effort.

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