Essay on An Overview of Acts

Essay on An Overview of Acts

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1a. Present an overview of the evidence for determining the date of the writing of Acts. Most scholars put the date of Acts in a range of three periods. Some scholars believe Acts dates back to 62-70, 80-95, or 115-130. (D. A.Carson & Moo 2005:296 ). However, the date of the writing is linked with the date for the writing of the Gospel of Luke. It is believed that Acts was written in the early sixties. Contributing factor of this date is the abrupt ending of Acts. Luke’s abrupt ending of Acts could be attributed to Paul’s imprisonment. The fact that Paul spent two years (Acts 28:30) in a Roman prison at the conclusion of Acts assist in concluding that Acts was written in the Early sixties. (Thomas D. Lea and Black 2003:283). However, this theory is disputed.
1b. What historical reliability are found in Acts. There are several historical indicators that point to the date not long after A.D. 62. Luke’s ingnorance of Paul’s letters, his portrayal of Judaism as a legal religion, his omission of the Neronian persecution, and the details of the shipwreck voyage narrative (27:1-28:16)...

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