Essay about An Outside Look on Revolutionary Authors

Essay about An Outside Look on Revolutionary Authors

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Without its inspiring authors, America would have lost its drive during the initial battles of the Revolutionary War. Literature in the time before, during, and after the Revolutionary War forever made an enormous impact on historical events. In this time, literature assumes a huge position in society and everyone keeps an eye out for the newest piece. The writers of short works such as Letters from an American Farmer, Declaration of Independence and Common Sense all gave Americans a reason to fight for their freedom and surge forward as an emergent independent nation. Thomas Paine implements a mixture of forceful emotions and opinions as well as hard facts and literal common sense to beautifully present his argument against British rule. Paine wrote several pamphlets encompassing everything from why the British should not rule America to rallying the troops to continue fighting for their freedom. J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur writes about his love for America and his appreciation for the freedoms allowed even though America is imperfect. These letters are about a fictional farmer named Farmer James who, while being a loyal follower of Britain, learns to love American life and its quirks. Thomas Jefferson expresses his desire for freedom from British rule and for America to determine its own future in writing the Declaration of Independence. He devotes his precious time and effort to ensure that America would have a set of strictures to adhere to and not fall into the throes of chaos and anarchy. Each of these authors express their personal philosophies concerning America’s future and the capabilities expected of it through various forms and styles of literature.
Thomas Paine desires nothing more than for America to become an ...

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