Essay on An Outbreak Of An Epidemic

Essay on An Outbreak Of An Epidemic

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Knowing the impact that an outbreak of an epidemic would have on the community in general, the SFDPH have constantly kept abreast with public health issues – through the use of research
SFDPH investigates innovative ways to improve upon services rendered in the city. SFDPH also uses another method known as outreach to communicate and safeguard San Franciscans. We would like to discuss some research conducted by SFDPH in partnership with the community and its other partners.
The first research was conducted to investigate the HIV transmittal rate among lesbians and bisexual women in San Francisco and Berkeley. This research utilized various methodologies and communication style ranging from survey locations, which included street corners, sidewalks, dance clubs, bars, cafes, and community-organized social events that were attended by lesbians and bisexual women (George Lemp, Melissa Jones, Timothy Kellogg, Giuliano Nieri, Laura Anderson, David Withum & Mitchell Katz, 1995).
In order to reach their target population (lesbians and bisexual women), fliers were printed and distributed and then outreach method was utilized. Then the next step in conducting this research was the interview process with about 200 knowledgeable community informants and two focus groups conducted with lesbians and bisexual women (Lemp et al., 1995). While conducting the research, in order to effectively get access to their target group and communicate effectively to them about the research and services that can help them live health, researcher had to “systematically approach women as they walked down a preselected stretch of sidewalks, entered a venue, or waited in line for other services” (Lemp et al., 1995). Not only were these women interviewed for th...

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... We would like to add that the services rendered by the SJI mirrors that of SFDPH, but only slightly differs in the sense that, SJI does not only provide primary care services, HIV and STI screening and treatment, transgender health, harm reduction and peer counselling, psychiatric evaluation and management, it also provides acupuncture, massage, support groups, food, clothing, needle exchange, and the distribution of safer sex supplies by clinic staff along with offering HIV testing to sex workers in the setting of street and venue based outreach (Cohan et al., 2006).
Through this approach – collaboration with leaders of sex workers, the community and SJI, one could argue that “sex workers have helped define public health priorities for their own community and public health officials have gained access to this hidden and stigmatized population” (Cohan et al., 2006).

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