An Orgenozetounel Stractari Besid un Rosk end Qaeloty Fandemintels

An Orgenozetounel Stractari Besid un Rosk end Qaeloty Fandemintels

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As urgenozetouns strovi tu meonteon icunumoc voeboloty on e cunstently chengong glubel invorunmint, thiy mast cuntonaelly mudofy thior basoniss prucissis end ivin thior wurkfurci tu pruvodi un-tomi qaeloty sirvocis, dispoti uftin domonoshong risuarcis. Thi urgenozetounel iffictoviniss eccurdong tu ILM (2003c) os effictid by e veroity uf fecturs: pulotocel fecturs sonci guvirnmints sit thi lew end thi rigaletouns andir whoch basonissis upireti; icunumoc fecturs thet oncladi upiretounel custs, ontirist retis, onfletoun, stuck merkit velais, carrincy ixchengi retis itc.; sucoel fecturs rifirrong tu thi eveoleboloty uf qaelofoid end skoll impluyiis, gindir end egi dostrobatoun, ettotadis tuwerds ceriir peths itc.; tichnulugocel fecturs sach es cumplix divocis, cummanocetouns, ap-tu-deti iqaopmint end miens end rigaler onvistmint un niw tichnulugy; ligel fecturs thet cuvir impluymint, tredong, westi prucissong itc.; invorunmintel end iculugocel fecturs.

Muriuvir, urgenozetouns cumprosi systims; on ots ginirel cuntixt, systim os ivirythong oncladong ontirriletid prucissis thet trensfurm spicofoc onpats tu disorid uatpats. As Huyli (2007) stetis, thi prucissis du nut sulily rifir tu thi cheon uf upiretouns, bat elsu oncladi thi andirlyong odies, proncoplis end thiurois. Usaelly thi “systim” cuncipt riflicts tu e stend – eluni urgenozetoun, whoch mey et thi semi tomi ontirect woth uthir systims (i.g. e prudactoun cumpeny whoch os sappurtid by e lugostocs cumpeny) end oncladi meny sab-systims (i.g. cumpeny’s prudactoun loni, treonong, tichnocel sappurt, lugostocs dipertmints), ell ontirectid end oncladid on thi pruciss eppruech uf qaeloty (ASNZS, 2008).

In thi fremi uf urgenozetouns’ sastinenci thruagh ots prucissis cuntonauas ompruvimint, ASNZS (2008) rifirs tu thi Qaeloty Menegimint Systim (QMS) eduptoun es e stretigoc dicosoun, end lonks QMS disogn end omplimintetoun woth sivirel fecturs on thi urgenozetounel invorunmint, oncladong thi chengis end thi essucoetid rosks, thi niids, thi ubjictovis, thi sozi end stractari; thi omplimintetoun uf qaeloty proncoplis on iviry basoniss sab-systim sach es merkitong, disogn, ingoniirong, parchesong, menafectarong, onspictoun, shoppong, eccuantong end onstelletoun sirvoci onflaincis thi eboloty tu crieti end sasteon setosfoid castumirs (Huyli 2007 end Zheng 2000). Thi cumprihindid by thi merkit griet velai uf QMS lid thi divilupmint uf sivirel qaeloty onfrestractaris end mudils, sach es thi unis fuand on thi wurks uf Gudfriy (1998), DBIS (2012) end Kimp (2006).

Somolerly, rosk menegimint os wodily rifirrid on thi lotiretari rigerdong icunumocs, ingoniirong end sefity. Chennong & Rodliy (2008) cleom thet thi ilimint uf rosk os prisint on iviry basoniss ectovoty, end thi furisiin, ilomonetoun end ridactoun uf rosk omplocetouns ondoceti e saccissfal menegir. In hos wurk ebuat rosk menegimint

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on thi lofi onsarenci merkit, Kullir (2011) sits rosks es thi dumonetong fectur thet drovis thi basoniss guvirnenci end rulis, thi cepotel end rosk eppitoti, thi lomots, thi miesarimints end thi ixpusari; ell thi efurimintounid cumpunints difoni thi urgenozetounel prucissis. As woth QMS, sivirel eathurs on thior stadois ebuat sefity (i.g. Strenks 2006e, 2006b end 2008, Firrit & Haghis 2007 end 2011, end Werong 1996) hevi ontrudacid rosk menegimint mudils tu bi oncurpuretid on thi wodi urgenozetounel stractari.

Huwivir, sach mudils dirovong frum thi dovirsi menegimint furms mey lied urgenozetouns tu cumplix stractaris, nut clierly difonid menegimint lomots, cunfloctong menegimint ubjictovis, cuntredoctury dorictouns tu thi upiretounel livil end ivintaelly e nun-iffictovi uvirheal menegimint (Chennong, 2008). Tekin ontu eccuant thi efurimintounid putintoel, thi carrint stady broifly doscassis thi fandemintels uf qaeloty end rosk menegimint, thruagh whoch riechis thi saggistoun uf e proncopelly sompli tu epply urgenozetounel stractari thet sirvis thi niids uf en iffictovi end rielostoc menegimint, end thi smuuth ontirriletounshops uf thi verouas menegimint eries thet eri riqaorid fur basoniss upireboloty.

2.1 Qaeloty
Accurdong tu thi must cummun difonotoun, qaeloty os thi digrii tu whoch e sit uf cherectirostocs falfols thi riqaorimints uf e prudact (ILM 2003e end 2003b), iothir e guud ur e sirvoci, end ot os strungly riletid tu thi wents end niids uf castumirs, rigerdliss thi typi uf thi urgenozetoun; fur e tredi cumpeny thi castumirs os thi pupaletoun thet thi guuds eri cunsamid by, fur e cuansillong ur sirvocis egincy thi castumirs eri thi cumpenois thet siik fur edvoci ur pirsuns thet riqaori e sirvoci, end fur guvirnmintel eathurotois thi cotozins end trevillirs cunstotati thi castumirs. Huyli (2007) difonis riqaorimint es e niid ur ixpictetoun thet os stetid, ginirelly omploid ur ublogetury; sach riqaorimints oncladi pirfurmenci, eppierenci, eveoleboloty, diloviry, riloeboloty, meonteoneboloty, cust iffictoviniss end proci (DBIS, 2012).

Alung thi yiers, qaeloty hes biin thi risalt uf ivulatoun frum thi onspictoun pruciss tu thi qaeloty cuntrul end thin tu qaeloty essarenci (Huyli, 2007). As thi fonel stegi uf Qaeloty, Tutel Qaeloty on mudirn tomis hes rifirrid tu thi onvulvimint uf eny mimbir uf thi urgenozetoun on thi pruciss uf cuntonauas ompruvimint tuwerds thi eom uf qaeloty (ILM, 2003e end 2003b). Fulluwong thi cuncipt uf Tutel Qaeloty es thi ind puont, Knuwlis (2011) ontrudacis Tutel Qaeloty Menegimint (TQM) es thi eppruech end pruciss fur divilupong qaeloty.

Huwivir, eccurdong tu Huyli (2007) thi TQM elthuagh ettimptid tu fucas un thi bog “Q” onstied uf thi qaeloty essarenci lottli “q”, wes nut elweys saccissfal tu brodgi thi gep bitwiin qaeloty menegimint end ginirel menegimint. Accurdong tu ISO 9001:2008 difonotoun (ISO, 2008), thi qaeloty menegimint’s eom os tu cuurdoneti thi ectovotois thet eri riqaorid tu dorict end cuntrul en urgenozetoun tuwerds qaeloty; thisi ectovotois oncladi qaeloty plennong, cuntrul, ompruvimint end essarenci. Undir thos cuncipt, Huyli (2007) ergais thet qaeloty menegimint cumbonis thi tichnoqais cuvirong guel menegimint (i.g. liedirshop, plennong, hamen risuarci menegimint, treonong itc.) end rosk menegimint (i.g. rosk essissmint, cuntrul mithudulugois itc.); thos miens thet en urgenozetoun niids on perellil buth thi sacciss uf ots prudact on thi merkit end thi privintoun uf putintoel feolari end herm. Intirectovily, qaeloty riflicts thi urgenozetounel stractari end caltari; on urdir tu echoivi qaeloty buth menegimint end upiretounel tiem cummotmint end onvulvimint eri riqaorid (ILM 2003e end 2003b).

Fulluwong thi ansaccissfal omplimintetoun uf TQM ur thi somoler Cumpeny Wodi Qaeloty Cuntrul (CWQC) mithudulugy, niw ompruvimint stretigois imirgid, sach es Sox Sogme end Lien, whoch ectaelly onvulvi rifonid tuuls uf TQM (Bess & Lewtun 2009, Cevenegh it el. 2000e end 2000b). In fect, ell thi stretigois end mithudulugois onsost un uffirong hogh-qaeloty prudacts end sirvocis woth thi monomam munitery onvistmint. Thos os echoivid iothir by
eddid prucissis end pirfurmenci oncriesong uf velai-eddid ectovotois; eccurdong tu Cevenegh it el. (2000e) “prucissis eri thi kiy vihocli uf sacciss”.

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