An Organizational Analysis of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Essay

An Organizational Analysis of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Essay

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The Federal Republic of Germany is currently Europe’s largest economic power. It is home to almost eighty-two million citizens, making it the most populous country in the European Union. The current form of state is a Federal Parliamentary Republic, based on representative democracy. The head of state is President Christian Wulff. The Christian Democratic Union is the current government in power with leader Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.
Germany has been operating on a multi-party system since 1990, with two strong parties: the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Christian Democratic Union. Regardless, the two strong parties have dominated German politics since 1949. The three minor parties recognized are The Free Democratic Party, the Left Party, and The Greens. Members of the Bundestag are elected according to the Mixed Member Proportional Representation System. Due to constitutional requirements, elections in Germany occur approximately every four years, or every forty-six to forty-eight months after the assembly of the Bundestag. The President chooses the exact date of the election. The state election occurs every four to five years, but the exact date varies from state to state. Members of the Bundesrat are appointed rather than elected. All citizens over the age of eighteen, who have lived in Germany for at least three months, are eligible to vote as well as run for candidacy.
Christianity, including Roman Catholicism and Evangelical Lutheranism, is the largest religion in Germany, with 59.9% of the adherents in the population. The second largest religion is Islam, with 4% adherents, followed by Buddhism and Judaism. The rest of the population are followers of a different faith, secular, or...

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...ational tools to increase their political awareness. At a time when human rights is a more significant issue than ever, this has been especially important, specifically for young voters who make up a majority of the voting pool. This foundation is what former German President Roman Herzog would call ‘persuasive power’, a positive influence from the Christian Democratic Republic that raises the level of competition for the other German political parties and moreover a stimulus for positive global action.

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