Essay on An Organization Of Cross Country Leadership And Communication

Essay on An Organization Of Cross Country Leadership And Communication

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Our mission statement for this organization is for all people from every diverse culture to work together, to laugh and build together to capture the best moments of ourselves and this company. This organization which is a multinational organization of cross-country leadership and communication with the goal to become widely regarded by all levels for enhancing communication and the best business practices in multinational environments. The main factor in this mission is to produce suitable communication methods and procedures that are accessible to employees from all cultures, levels and locations throughout the U.S. Within this manual and series of communications, the hope to explore, combine and build authority, respect and partnerships. This company plans to grow the comapny from over three hundred employees to fifteen hundred within the following year. And hope to increase revenue by seveny percent in six months by training and hiring the best individuals to increase sales and revenue.

Communications Plan
Table of Contents

Topic I: Introduction of The Company
Topic Description: Communication plays a key role in the success of any workplace program or policy and serves as the foundation for all five types of psychologically healthy workplace practices. Communication about workplace practices helps achieve the desired outcomes for the employee and the organization. Below are examples of communcation styles throughout the organization.
Section 1A: Email
Section 1B: Social Media
Section 1C: Intranet
Section 1D: Texting
Section 1E: Meetings
Summary Description:
This can be one paragraph with the following components.
We understand that culture is often times the root of communication mishap...

... middle of paper ...
No Deadline
All Staff
Identify and address, one issue at a time
Understanding company policies

Every six months
All staff
Continuously update policy forms and procedures and ensure employees are aware of any changes

The Organization sincerely understands that in order to deliver on the above mentioned goals, promises and the direction of this company, employee personnel understands that there is a lot of work to do. As an Organization industry, responsibility for the success of this company is vital. However, the success of this company does not solely rest on the relevant, distinctiveness or credibility of the promise, but with the deliverance of the promise throughout this organization. The organizations promise to deliver in an effective, understanding and timely manner to ensure satisfactory results from all levels to every organization.

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