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An Organization Of A Stakeholder Essay

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A Stakeholder is anybody, be it an individual, group or business, with a vested interest in an organisation. On organisation can determine its stakeholders by considering who and what is affected by any of their business activity. Understanding who you work with and for helps to build strong relationships and ultimately, will help in achieving organisational objectives. Reputation is very important and can be very hard to achieve, but easily lost; people are more willing to listen to organisations with a strong reputation where trust and communication is effective. It’s important for organisations to understand who their stakeholders are and what their needs are as they are one of the main factors that will determine and effect whether the organisation fails or succeeds.

Each stakeholder group has needs and expectations. For some, the organisation’s finances will be the most important. For others, innovation and leadership will take greater priority. And for others still, an ethical approach to business will top the list. These needs and expectations will depend entirely on the perspective of the stakeholder groups involved and the needs of internal stakeholders differ to those of external stakeholders. Primary stakeholders are those who have a direct interest in an organisation and secondary stakeholders are those who have an indirect interest. Internal stakeholders are within the organisation such as employees, departments, Chief Executive and external are groups, businesses or people who are not directly working within the organisation but are still affected by decisions made by the organisation.

Care Plus Groups Primary Stakeholders:
Internal to the organisation
• Managers want the authority, empowerment, recognition an...

... middle of paper ...

Quality assurance / quality control / total quality management

• NICE Guidance Policy - audits
• Being Open (Duty of Candour) Policy – government
• Document Control Policy – equality impact assessment tool audit
• Bullying and Harassment policy – audit, staff survey report etc.
Setting standards – benchmarks in performance report
CQUIN performance report
Gradually becoming ISO accredited
Reviewing processes and creating policies - governance
Take info from the quality manual and quality statement.
And this means that keep customers, patients – keep contracts, meet targets, grow and succees. Obtain further funding. Recognition and awards. (good publicity) survive and success.

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