An Organization During History : Is A Regional Real Estate Company Named John L. Scott

An Organization During History : Is A Regional Real Estate Company Named John L. Scott

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The purpose of this paper is to choose an organization during any period in history that I believe is or was successful and then to explain why it is or was successful. During the explanation, I am to use least ten outside sources when writing the paper. So, the organization that I chose to write about is a regional Real Estate Company named John L. Scott. Unless you have lived in the Norwest portion of the United States, then you probably have never heard of this company. I believe that John L. Scott was successful for many reasons, though the main ones are the company leadership, their continuing training and their agent compensation structure.
On a personal note, let me say that I was a real estate agent for this company starting after I was married in July of 2000 and worked for them till I went into technology sales in 2008. I did not grow up in the greater Seattle area and therefore was considered a transplant to the area. I did not have any family nor did I close by nor did I have a large support base of clients or prospects as I entered the residential real estate community. I did have two years in the community as a Recruiting Company Commander from 1997-1999, though I did not generate any sales from this small base of people. It is important for me to convey that I started this 100% commission paid business not knowing anyone to sell a house to. Within my first four years as an agent, I had made it to the company’s second highest sales club, the President’s Elite. In order to claim a spot in this club an agent had to generate and close a minimum of $200,000 in gross commissions brought into the broker within the calendar year. I maintained this level of production two years in a row and was featured in the Seattle H...

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The commission an agent pays their broker goes toward the broker being able to be there for the sales agent when it comes to training, education, and mentoring. One of the John L. Scott websites states that an agent is provided with various services including, “Complete transaction management and closing facilitation using web based technology and hands on management by experienced and professional personnel.”
As you can see, I think that John L. Scott was a very successful company due to its incredible leader, their continuous education and training programs, and their compensation package. I am sure that there are many other reasons they are successful, though these are the ones that I wanted to highlight. I am also aware that there are other successful real estate companies, though this is the one that I have personal experience with and know the most about.

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