An Opportunity For Innocents : Illegal Or Undocumented Immigrants Essays

An Opportunity For Innocents : Illegal Or Undocumented Immigrants Essays

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An Opportunity for Innocents
Illegal or undocumented immigrants are one of the many things that have caused controversy in the United States. They come here pursuing a better life for themselves and their children. These children grow up and, eventually, attend school. By the time college comes around, they cannot proceed to higher education. Primarily, because they are illegal, which means they cannot even apply at any college they want. Secondly, they cannot afford to pay an out-of-state tuition. Because countless are suffering the consequence of their parents’ decisions, their identity and culture are now found here. Through a degree and a future job, they will be able to retribute the initial help that was given to them thus contributing to American society. The children of undocumented immigrants should be allowed to qualify for in-state tuition rates at public colleges.
Approximately 4.4 million undocumented immigrants are 30 years of age or younger, and most of these immigrants are sons or daughters of other immigrants (Passel and Lopez). According to some points made by the National Conference of State Legislatures, a great percentage of them were brought to this country unable to raise an opinion on the decision their parents were taking due to their short age and innocence (“Undocumented State Tuition: Overview”). Even if they were older, what could they do about the decision their parents had taken? They were stripped out of their roots without knowing because their parents wanted something better for them. Ultimately, the culture and upbringing they have is strongly influenced by American culture. After accomplishing the elementary, secondary, and preparatory levels, many are ready to go on to college, as is customa...

... middle of paper ... of two, and her home has always been New Jersey, but according to the law it is not. Each of them is fighting for a right that they seek as “unrecognized” residents of the country. Cruz assimilated they fight just like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.,and Susan B. Anthony did, except, they were citizens always. Cruz points out the reason they deserve to fight and gain that right as unofficial citizens of the country, “At the age of twenty-two months...we didn’t have a voice nor choice to tell our parents right from wrong” (PBS Newshour). America cannot be a hard hearted country that does not see the need of others of those that are now in the place of the first settlers of this country whom also suffered of an injustice in their native country and sought a land where they could have a better and happier life. This is America, and that is what it is known for.

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