An Opinion Of Religion Is Harmful Essay

An Opinion Of Religion Is Harmful Essay

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The audience for this informative essay is the professor of my English
Composition course, Pamela Hughes, and the entirety of my class. The purpose of this essay is to present an opinion of religion. The idea that religion is harmful to take to any extent of extremity. Though controversial, I believe that this topic should be addressed. It may be heinous and unfavorable to express an opinion that contains such heresy, but even if every word is disagreed with, it is always helpful to view something from another perspective.

Religion kills. It seems like such a disgusting sentence. It seems to turn up the noses of any creed. Uttering the phrase itself can lead to some intense, spiteful fears. Why is this? Perhaps it is because the statement truly is a heinous word because everyone should follow the same faith. That solution provides no satisfaction. People that detest anyone who strays from the true way, or at least is perceived so, are an overwhelming problem. One needs to keep an open mind, even though they might not agree, they should at least remain receptive to new ideas. Obviously, anyone could rebuttal this, but religion does not help as people believe. It is an ancient study of parapsychology to assume religion provides true help. Help that cannot be attributed to the placebo effect. Though common sense should suffice, extensive studies have been done regarding whether religion does any good. Whether people 's prayers are heard, whether it can be used to ease conflict, whether it does unify people or not.
To continue with the theme of detestable terms, “Christian child” or “Muslim child” should send chills down spines of all. To label a child as belonging to one religion is essentially stripping t...

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...ot necessarily the worst thing for humans. There are instances of it doing good, but this dwindles as people try to remain blind to the atrocities caused by the same belief. Parents can be forgiving, and even be supported for denying their child healthcare on religious grounds. It promotes close mindedness, which inhibits our progression. It can be used for terrorism and helps give people justification for the terrible things that they achieve. Introspection is the key to intelligence, and if someone looks inside and sees that they are doing good because they feel guilty, they should reevaluate themselves. We need to stop pushing into each other’s lives and look within. It is wrong to peer into other’s lives for these intentions. The only reason to look at somebody else’s plate is to see that they have enough, never to see if they have food that isn’t your favorite.

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